About Us

Speedy Logistics Taxi Trucks

Speedy Logistics is a WA owned and operated company servicing all metropolitan and major regional WA areas.

Our comprehensive Range of Taxi Trucks, Couriers, Specialised Transport Vehicles and Drivers service all business sectors such as industrial, commercial, corporate and government as well as private.

We are committed to providing you with Safe, Efficient and Cost Effective Delivery and Transport Solutions throughout WA.

We adopt a ‘CAN DO‘ philosophy at every level and a strong service base is at the core of our success.

We pride ourselves on providing a high standard of friendly and professional service.

Our dedicated team, will advise and assist you in obtaining the most appropriate and efficient delivery or transport solution to suit your needs.

Safety on the job and in the workplace is paramount and non negotiable.

We work closely with our customers and monitor feedback, in order to ensure continual growth and development as well as for the implementation of improved services.

As a service provider to you, at Speedy Logistics we understand it is mandatory for businesses to achieve expected outcomes with efficiency and professionalism to be competitive & successful. We aim to achieve this on your behalf.

We are committed to constant innovation for the future, in order to develop ways of improving our efficiency and services for ourselves and our customers.