Range of Taxi Truck Services


  • Range of Taxi Truck Services vehicles includes:
    – 1 Tonne Utes through to 2-12 Tonne Trays
    – Flat Tray and Enclosed Vehicles
    – Truck Mounted Crane Trucks (HIAB)
    – Taut Liner Trucks
    – Tilt Tray Trucks
    – Tail Lift Trucks
  • ON DEMAND (Urgent Point to Point) Delivery Service to take care of your most Urgent and Specialised Transport and Delivery requirements. Requested at short notice and given our immediate attention.
  • HOT SHOT (Urgent Direct Drive) Taxi Truck Dedicated Run service to Country Locations.
  • Speedy Logistics Drivers have extensive knowledge of local infrastructure in order to avoid imminent delays and arrive at your required delivery destination as soon as possible.
  • Pallet Deliveries.
  • Pallet Trolley Services.
  • Daily Hire – Short and Long Term arrangements can be made.
  • Permanent Dedicated Run Service – Created to suit your particular needs.
  • Hand Unload Service.
  • On Line Booking service.
  • Our Team of experienced and professional Drivers are practised in the Safe and Secure delivery, transportation and handling of your goods.
  • Speedy Logistics Drivers are easily identifiable in uniform and vehicle, and will arrive to your job with a winning smile and attitude!
  • Our dedicated and professional Team will assist you in obtaining the most appropriate and cost effective delivery or transport solution.
  • We offer fixed and flexible rates to suit your specific transport needs.
  • We cater to all business sectors such as commercial, industrial, corporate and government as well as private.